04/02 - Changes in settlement routines.

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag (Last updated: )
To foreign fishing vessels
    CIRCULAR NO  4/02

        Bergen, 29th January 2002



Norges Sildesalgslag's computer systems have been significantly renewed and upgraded as of 1st January 2002. 

Delayed settlement

We regret that, following the above, some delays have occurred in our invoicing/ settlement routines.  Our first priority is of course to catch up with the delays as soon as possible.  In due course we will issue credit interest in order to compensate for delayed payments. 

We appologise for any inconvenience caused by these initial impediments.  Please do not hesitate to call our invoicing department for further information on the status of specific catches.

Revised routines

We have revised our routine for settlement of vessel expenses and cash advances.  In the future, such  transactions will be documented in the form of a debit advice.  This is a new document, separate from the traditional settlement  which will hereafter be limited to specification of data concerning the catch and the landing.

The debit advice is designed to add up the various deductibles and will be submitted to the owner of the vessel without any further enclosed documentation.  Concequent-ly, any expenses intended for settlement through Norges Sildesalgslag should be in-voiced and sent to the owner of the vessel, with a copy to Norges Sildesalgslag, pre-ferably within 1 week.  Please inform your relevant suppliers accordingly.

The debit advice is posted on the owner's account and will normally be deducted on the subsequent payment, provided the residual amount is positive. 

Please note that the documentation for both settlement and debit advice will refer to the owners account No.  Two vessels with one owner will refer to the same account No.
Please note that the vessel's suppliers will only be paid if and when the vessel's account shows a sufficient balance in order for a corresponding reservation to be made by Norges Sildesalgslag.


Best regards


Erik Brinchmann-Hansen      √ėyvind Furnes