Circulare 07/07 New minimum price for herring

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Number                      :    07/07                                  

Subject                      :   INFORMATION CONCERNING SALES OF HERRING



To                               :    Buyers and fishing vessels selling herring through Norges Sildesalgslag                                          

Place                          :    Bergen                               Date   : 15.05.2007



1.  Minimum prices for herring for consumption purposes.


On Friday 11 May the Norwegian Seafood Federation and Norges Sildesalgslag agreed to establish the following minimum prices for herring:


-         not graded herring for consumption:                          NOK 2,90 pr kg.


The minimum price shall apply for all landings of herring for consumption sold through Norges Sildesalgslag independent of the landing port.  Grading is not permitted.


The prices are valid from 14 May 2007 and shall apply until new minimum prices are established before the autumn season. 



2.  Routines for determining the official assortment of the herring catch.

Vessels reporting herring to NSS are obliged to give information about the assortment of their catch based on sampling onboard, which means the share of herring by weight

1)     below 125 gram,

2)     between 125 g – 199 g,

3)     between 200 g – 299 g and

4)     300 g and more need to be reported to NSS. 


Vessels are also obliged to report the average weight based on sampling onboard. 

It is important that the sampling onboard the vessel is carried out in a proper and a representative way. 

If information about the assortment and the average weight are missing the catch will not be registered for sale. 

At least 3 – 5 samples must be taken per 100 tonnes of fish discharged.  Each sample should contain approximately 25 kilograms. 


Representatives from the vessel and from the buyer are obliged to state the official average weight of the catch on the delivery note.



3.  Auction routines as from 1th January 2007.


The following auction times apply:


1.                   7 a.m. – 8 a.m.                  (Sundays between 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.)

2.                   1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

3.                   6 p.m. – 7. p.m.

4.                  9 p.m. – 10 p.m.              


We would like to stress that catches must be reported to Norges Sildesalgslag before the time that auction in order to be included in a spesific auction.    


Regarding the auction and the fixing of the auction area Norges Sildesalgslag would like to encourage you to include as many buyers in your auction area as possible.  By doing this, the greater competition may result in a higher price at the auction.



4.  Reporting and delivery.


When reporting catches to Norges Sildesalgslag the following telephone numbers shall be used: 00 47 55 54 95 50 or 00 47 55 54 95 00


The date when the vessel started fishing shall also be reported.  Likewise, if fish have been overpumped or parallellpumped from a different vessels net, vessels are obligded to state about this when reporting to Norges Sildesalgslag.


With referance to Norges Sildesalgslag’s Business Rules a buyer is obligded to accept reasonable deviation between reported quantity and official quantity.  In cases of larger deviation vessels must prepare themselves for price reductions or in the worst case that the buyer will cancel the purchase.



5.  Complaints regarding the quality of the herring.


Where there is a complaint regarding quality of the herring, Norges Sildesalgslag must be contacted.  Norges Sildesalgslag will only accept lower prices for catches compared to the auction prices if there are valid reasons for the complaints.  In that respect, inspectors from Norges Sildesalgslag will inspect the fish, either when unloading or afterwards (by looking at a (frozen) sample later), and give their statement regarding the quality of the fish.  If the quality is acceptable the auction price shall apply, if not price reductions may apply.



6.  Information.


On our website you find more information related to our activities.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 




Kind regards




Knut Torgnes

Roald Oen