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Stay updated with Norges Sildesalgslag


Norges Sildesalgslag has its own application for Iphone and IPAD and Andriod.


The application ( available only in Norwegian) will keep you updated on all the catch data from the pelagic fishery. You can view reported catches, auctions and quotas in continuous updated format.

This application is meant for users with already existing EXPANDIT accounts.

 Pincode and username are necessary when downloading.

However, if you do not have access to the EXTRANETT for Norges Sildesalgslag, you can download a "LITE" version of the application. This version is without information about prices and therefore available to all.


NOTE: The application with the price information is for those with secure access to Norges Sildesalgslags EXTRANETT.  With this access you should already have a username and pincode. The password for the application is your regular pincode and will be used for decrypting of the password information you will be getting via SMS.


For security reasons all users with letters or hyphens (-) in their usernames will have these replaces with the number 8. For example a username  K1234 will be 81234 and a username 123455-1 will be 1234581.



The application can only be used on one UNIT  per username. The username will be linked to the unit after the first login.

Application functions:


  • Map over catch areas with overlaying info on pelagic fishery
  • Detail information on quantity caught and numbered map area
  • The journal of all catches reported to Norges Sildesalgslag
  • Information about the various catches
  • Overview of all daily actions
  • Auction results sorted on species, buyer and price ( only available to user with EXPANDIT privileges)
  • Quota information.




  • Turn your phone sideways when viewing the catch journal for better view of line by line info
  • Swipe finger over the color icon on the catch map - information about quantity and within numbered map areas will appear.
  • Zoom in and out of the map areas by expanding the screen by separating/closing thumb and forefinger on the screen.
  • Be careful to enter username and correct password.
  • A error message can appear if the account is not used for a while. Readjust the application by hitting "reset"



The applikation is compatible for Andriod 2.3.3 or higher, and  iOS 4.0 or higher.

Download the app at ITUNES - here:
( please note: Norwegian only)


Download from Google Play here: ( please note: Norwegian only)