The course of fisheries as per 15th of February 2010

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Catching in a vast area from Porcupine in the South-West to the Barents Sea in North-East. Total catch last week; 116.000 MT. THE COURSE OF THE FISHERIES AS PER 15th OF FEBRUARY 2010



Catching in a vast area from Porcupine in the South-West to the Barents Sea in North-East. Total catch last week; 116.000 MT.

Atlanto Scandic herring

The herring fishery continues, particularly by the coastal vessels and totally it was caught more than 65.000 MT last week. Foreign vessels have reported 8.100 MT.


The herring is continuously on its way southwards and the southernmost catches are reported from outside the island of Fedje in Hordaland county. Though the main catching is performed off Møre where the fishermen see enormous quantities making it hard to cast. Also this week some vessels have been operating off Træna further North.


The size of the herring varies; in the North the herring has been as small as 200 g. Off Møre some catches are observed with an average above 300 g (328 g as the best). The price also varies following the size and has been in the range from NOK 1,84 to 2,65 with an average of NOK 2,21 for consumption purposes.


The Atlanto Scandic herring fisheries this winter considered as a whole, close to half of the total quantity now has been caught. Nw fishermen have taken 436.700 MT of the total allowable quota of 894.630 MT.


In the forthcoming week it is expected that the fishing activity gradually will fade. Several vessels have fulfilled their quota and the herring quality is gradually reduced.




By the middle of the week rumours appeared telling that Russian vessels were catching well West off the Thor Iversen Bank. After finishing capelin at Iceland, several vessels accordingly set sail North East and by Friday afternoon “Møgsterfjord” reported the very first catch of capelin from the Barents Sea this season. During the weekend 17 catches were reported amounting to 14.300 MT. Most of it was sold for consumption in an area from Møre in the South to Honningsvåg at the Finnmark coast.

Prices; NOK 1,85- just above NOK 2,-.


High quantities are now observed, and the capelin migrates fast towards the Southwest. In the forthcoming week even more vessels are expected to join the fisheries in the Barents Sea.  - Let’s hope for favourable weather.



Blue whiting

Several vessels sailed for the blue whiting and the catching has started in two fields. One being at Porcupine Bank West off Ireland - as usual at this time of the year. Another field is Northwest of St. Kilda which is more unusual so early. In the latter area the catching faded during the weekend and some vessels choose to move southwards where the catching improved over the week.


The grand total of last week amounted to 35.600 MT of which 3.300 MT were sold for consumption purposes in Ireland, Scotland and the Faroe Isles. The prices were in the range between 1,76 -2,10. Empty warehouses are reported which should prove good for the demand.


Due to high quantities of cut at Nw plants, the vessels have preferred to deliver in foreign ports for meal&oil. At the Faroe Isles 5 vessels have been delivering and 6 are sold to Iceland. The prices for meal&oil are between NOK 1,55 and 1,72.

In the forthcoming week less activity is expected as several vessels are aiming for the Barents Sea.



Bergen, 15th of February 2010

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