The course of the fisheries as per 8th of February 2010

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Still good catches of Atlanto Scandic herring, - both opening and end of capelin at Iceland, - first catches of blue whiting in the EU zone, - the final sprat at open sea - and just one catch of mackerel - from a foreign vessel.  

Atlanto Scandic herring

Another good week for Atlanto Scandic herring. 73.860 MT was the result of last week’s catching of which coastal vessels represented 51.477 MT – their best week so far this year. The week average price was NOK 2,13 - a reduction of 4 øre from the previous week.  The catching is now mainly carried out at Møre and as far south as Stadt. But some good catching is still reported further North.


Capelin at Iceland

Following the quick opening of capelin fishing last weekend, the first vessels were operating on Tuesday night. The first report was received on Thursday night and by Sunday morning all participating vessels had fulfilled their quotas. Of this some 11.900 MT was landed in Iceland, some mixed and some for meal&oil. In Norway some 10.500 MT was landed for mixed production, while the rest was sold for meal&oil or mixed production at Peterhead. The price level of the capelin was from NOK 1,80 to 2,15 (consumption purposes) and NOK 1,60-1,65 for meal&oil.

Good quality is reported and the first capelin was highly appreciated as the photo hereby proves.


Capelin in Barents Sea

By the beginning of the week the operations of the two search vessels ceased without observing any catchable registrations from the Nw zone in the Barents Sea. At the same time the fishing was opened in NEZ South of N 74° and West of E 30°, -  and also East of E 30°, however here the vessels were obliged to have an inspector on board. Later it was also granted permission to fish in Russian zone, and again an inspector on board was required. As far as we know, no vessels have yet started fishing in this area.

From Murmansk it is reported that some vessels are operating in the Russian zone, but the capelin as well as the catches are reported small.


Sprats at open sea

On Monday and Tuesday the three last vessels stopped the fishing for sprat at open sea. Since the turn of the year 3.160 MT is caught delivered for meal&oil in both Norway the Faroe Isles at prices from NOK 1,50 – 1,75.



Last week just one single catch was reported from a foreign vessel. The catch amounted to 1.160 MT.


Blue whiting

The first catches of blue whiting from the EU zone this season were reported last week and the final result was 4 catches amounting to 6.250 MT.



Bergen, 8th of February 2010

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