The course of the fisheries as per 18th of January

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Record high volumes of herring during one single week - and another record for delivery of herring from one single vessel. Atlanto Scandic herring

In newer times there has never been sold more herring during one single week than last week. Despite some bad weather, the total amounted to 96.400 MT, almost 8.000 MT above the record from last year. Of this volume, 18.900 MT were sold for meal&oil.The vessel “Fagraberg” from the Faroe Islands delivered another record volume of 2.500 MT alone. The fishing started by the beginning of the week West off Vesterålen, and the migration southwards keeps a fairly high speed.

The last catches over the weekend were taken 20 n.m. south of Skomvær.High volumes have resulted in prices close to minimum prices, and combined with very few catches of herring being more than 300 g, the average price has been low. For consumption purposes the price was 2,25 compared to 2,20 for herring transported by bigger vessels for meal&oil to destinations in southern Norway and Denmark – as we can see; only with a marginal difference.   To slow down catching activity, the sales organisation on Wednesday decided to initiate a system for letting vessels wait between 72-108 hrs. following more detailed regulations. In the forth coming week high activity is still expected from coastal vessel and trawlers. Several purseiners have, however, decided to prepare for the capelin or blue whiting.   

3 catches from foreign vessels, amounting to 2.600 MT last week. These catches were taken west off Ireland.   

North Sea herring
Just a few vessels have been after the North Sea herring, and 510 MT were reported last week. The herring was found West of Coral Bank, close to the EU borderline. The catches were landed in Denmark and the price; aprx NOK 2,90/kg.  

The two vessels to look for capelin in Barents Sea will set sails from Tromsø today; Monday. The hope is to detect proper sized capelin to meet the market requirements in Eastern Europe. 

- As a reminder: the first catch last year was on the 24th of January.  

Bergen, 18th of January 2010

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