The course of the fisheries as per 25th of January

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
No new records last week, but still good catching. Atlanto Scandic herring
The week started with gales at the field, but from Tuesday morning the catching was resumed. As a total close to 86.600 MT were reported: The best single day was Wednesday the 22nd of Jan. when 22.500 MT were reported.  - However, with such high volumes at the auction the prices kept low and the average over the week was NOK 2,19. Of the total quantity of 86.600 MT, 11.500 MT were sold for meal&oil.

By the beginning  of the week, the fishing took place at Myken and southwards to Træna. By the end of the week the migration had reached the Vikna-area.

North Sea herring
No catches were reported during last week.
6 catches were reported, totalling 7.300 MT. The average size was 359 – 410 g. The catching is carried out West off Ireland in the area from 53°- 54° N and 11° -13° W. All catches were sold on contract.

Blue whiting
During last week only one catch was reported; 190 MT. Furthermore one vessel has started operation.

The two vessels, “H Østervold” and “Rogne” have started their search for capelin in an area from 20° E towards the Russian border.  So far no findings have been reported.  - Some purse seiners are already ready in Tromsø - waiting.

Bergen, 18th of January 2010

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