The course of the fisheries as of the 15th of November

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
The fall's best week for the Atlanto-Scandic herring fisheries and a foreign vessel landed 1 800 tonnes of ocean sprat. Some North Sea herring and coastal sprat were also landed but, as with other species, in limited quantities. Atlanto-Scandic herring:
This week saw a little over 72 000 tonnes landed and was so far the best week of this fall. The main fishery is still taking place in the area between 71 and 73 degree north and 13 to 16 degree east, just about 150 nautical miles north of Andenes. The week's average price is NOK 4,31.
Towards the end of the week we registered a smaller average weight of the fish. Foreing vessels caught about 6 300 tonnes of the total and the coastal vessels about 1 700 tonnes. The trawlers also had a good week and landed about 9 000 tonnes for the week.

Horse mackerel:
The fishery did not really take off this week either. Both vessel participation and quantity were significantly down, only 225 tonnes divided between 4 vessels. But prices rose to about NOK 8,75 per kilo. When Thursday arrived, bad weather put a hamper on any more catches.

North Sea herring:
Almost 1 400 tonnes were landed this week. The average price for human consumption was NOK 3,58 for the week and NOK 2,50 for fishmeal/oil. On wednesday the fishery was stopped for coastal vessels in the "closed" group and only those with quota left of the guaranteed quotas were allowed to continue fishing.

Coastal sprat:
This week saw landings of about 300 tonnes. 30 tonnes were caught in the Oslofjord, 2 tonnes in Rogaland and 275 tonnes for canning purposes in Trondheimsfjorden. On Thursday the goal of  2 200 tonn sprat for canning that King Oscar required for the season was reached and the fishery stopped. About the same time an extra quantity of 600 tonns were allowed caught but at a lower pricelevel.

Industrial fishery:
Besides the 1 800 tonnes of ocean sprat delivered by a foreign vessel during the week, only small quantities of industrial fish were caught.

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