The course of the fisheries as per 1st November

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
A good week for Atlanto Scandic herring – 44.000 MT with an average price above NOK 4. For other fisheries; a quiet week – but not weather-wise... Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week close to 44.000 MT were caught and the average price was NOK 4. 90% of the catches were from Nw vessels - 10% from foreign. The main activity was found in an area between 71 and 73º N and 11 and 17º E, but catches have also been taken south of and north of this area. The week ended with bad weather and the fleet moved towards harbour. Of the year’s quantity 157.819 MT herring remain.

Horse mackerel
Following ‘high fever’ and a disappointing yield the previous week, the activity has been significantly lower this week. Several vessels sailed north for the herring, however some stayed back. But again; not very much fish to be find, and worse; stormy weather. The main part of the vessels were staying in harbour and are now looking forward to the new moon to come with hopefully better opportunities. The week’s volume; close to 500 MT with an average price of NOK 4,57. The total catch so far this season; 10.700 MT compared to 34.000 MT last year. Sunday night the vessels set sail again. Information tells that some catches are taken, but not how much yet.

As a consequence of fishing being stopped in the EU zone, there are no mackerel reported from Nw vessels last week. 600 MT were reported from foreign vessels. This mackerel was taken west of 4º W.

North Sea herring
Also in this fishery there has been low activity last week – due to bad weather, or due to vessels being occupied elsewhere. Only 100 MT reported from coastal vessels.

Coastal sprat
76 MT coastal sprat were reported his week. The fish from Rogaland had a ‘tricky’ size; too big for canning and too small for ‘anchovy’-production.

Industrial fishing
The industrial fleet has this week reported 350 MT of blue whiting/Nw pout for reduction purposes.

Bergen, 1st November 2010

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