The course of the fisheries in week 47

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Mostly Norwegian Spring herring landed last week, some North Sea herring but otherwise a quiet week on the fishing grounds Norwegian Spring herring
The low activity on the sea reflects that the year is coming to an end and that many vessels have finished their quotas. About 28 400 tonnes were landed this week. But the prices remain high and we saw a new record this week as far as average price. NOK 5,18 was the highest price paid in Norway, but the best price came from Denmark with NOK 5.50. The average for the week was NOK 4,77. Foreign vessels contributed with 1 500 tonnes herring.

North Sea herring
There are still vessels that have not yet taken their quotas of North Sea herring. This week about 2 400 tonnes were reported caught and the average price was NOK 4,53. We had buyers from Norway, Denmark and Germany for this week catches.

Coastal Sprat
This week’s catch was of only 25 tonnes. In the Oslofjord, bad weather has hampered the fishing and there were no reports of catches from Trondheimsfjord. Of the extra 600 tonnes King Oscar had said they could buy, only 300 tonnes remain.

Industrial fish
About 2 000 tonnes reported caught, but as one catch of 1 900 tonnes of ocean sprat from a foreign vessels made up the majorty of the total, only small quantities were caught by Norwegian vessels.

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