The course of fisheries as per 18th of October

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Mackerel catching towards an end - an average week for Atlanto Scandic herring - increased activity for North Sea herring – disappointing on horse mackerel and the season’s last catches of ocean sprat Mackerel
The Norwegian fleet is close to fulfilling its mackerel quota. The remaining part in the EU zone is 1.700 MT and following bad conditions in the Nw zone, the fleet now prefers to go for other species. This week close to 8.300 MT were reported and the average price last week; NOK 10,54. Foreign vessels reported 2.660 MT of the quantity.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week resulted in close to 31.400 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring – of which 4.330 MT were reported from foreign vessels. The Nw vessels have been operating in the “Smutthavet” (Loophole Sea) and further north between 71º and 73º N. The size is fairly good with an average from 350 -375 g. Just a few catches showed herring below 300 g. The best size is found in the “Smutthavet” with an average of 370 g. Last week average price was NOK 4,18 and the best price; NOK 4,77.

North Sea herring
There was some higher activity for North Sea herring last week. The total catch was close to 2.800 MT and the size varies between 115 g and 245 g – depending on which area catching is performed. There is a good marked for this herring both in Norway and Denmark now, and buyers from the Scottish side as well show an interest for this herring. Average price; NOK 3,39.

Horse mackerel
At the horse mackerel fields the fever is still there, but by the end of the week the activity fell. Some 3.000 MT have been taken, but to get this quantity has been hard work. Just 10 of the week’s 62 catches were above 100 MT! The main part has been caught south west of Egersund – the remaining part in the Møre area.

Coastal sprat
This week it was opened for fishing both in the Oslofjorden and in the areas north of Stadt. The condition is that the quality of the fish (size and fat content) is satisfying. From the Oslofjorden 40 MT were reported. The size; 50 pcs /kg – delivered in Sweden. From other areas nothing was reported.

Ocean sprat
This week some trawlers have been after the ocean sprat. On Sunday this year’s quantity was acquired and fishing ceased. The volume of the week: 5.800 MT.

Industrial fishing
Of traditional industry species as blue whiting and Norway pout, only tiny volumes were reported. Some vessels gave priority to ocean sprat and other species in stead.

Bergen, 18th of October 2010

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