Course of the fisheries in week 34

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Good coastal sprat fisheries in Sunnhordaland. Some herring caught up in the north and slow mackerel fisheries on the west coast. Norwegian spring herring:

Some coastal vessels have been active in the north and on the Møre coast. Total catch last week amounts to 2 200 tonnes.  Just under half of the total, around 1 000 tonnes was netted in the Lofoten area and the average size of the herring wa 260-350 grams. On the other side of Vestfjorden, close to Landegode and Sørfjord, around 700 tonnes were netted and averages sizes there were smaller at 206-239 grams. The rest of the week’s catches were taken by Støtt and Sunnmøre.

All the herring is being bought for human consumption and the prices at the auctions have varied from NOK 2,24 to 4,02. The average price for the week was NOK 2,91.


There has been a slow start for the mackerel fisheries in the south. Last week we saw only 470 tonnes reported in by vessels using nets.

For the angler vessels in the areas west of Rogaland north to Møre the total so far this year is 3 800 tones. Last year at the same time, this group had caught 6 500 tonnes. This year we are also seeing mackerel of smaller size. Small mackerel has also been the story for the smaller net vessels operating close to shore.

The bigger purse seiners have so far not been really active. Four catches were made from larger coastal vessel and a purse seiner outside Møre before the weekend. The size of this fish has been 360-400 grams and the prices has been from NOK 9,87 to NOK 11,00.

 We are expecting an increased number of larger vessels in the mackerel fishery and are hoping that more of the bigger mackerel from up in the north will be available in the fall.

Coastal Sprat:

Since the sprat fishery was opened last Wednesday just under 1 400 tonnes have been caught. The reports from the vessel all say the conditions are very good. The catches have been made in Kvinnherad and Etne.

The sprat is of good quality regarding both size and fat content. The sprat is being packed for King Oscar at Norway Pelagics’ facility at Karmøy.

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