The course of the Fisheries as per 4th of July.

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Good conditions for mackerel in Vestfjorden and Lofoten, - less North Sea herring due to a low number of vessels and vacation leave at processors’ plants. Mackerel
The week’s total was 3.145 MT. Prices have been steady at a level of NOK 10,50 to 11,- . The average size in the northern fields has been between 560 and 570 g. In the Rørvik-Brønnøysund area (further south), the size has been between 450 and 500 g. The process capacity in the north will be reduced now for a period due to vacation.
In the southern part of Norway the fishing has been less intensive last week. Just 100 MT have been registered for fresh/freezing. The demand for fresh mackerel is declining - as being normal this part of the year.

North Sea herring
The total quantity from last week amounted to 2.279 MT. The catches are taken 50 -100 miles east/south-east of Shetland. The herring has been delivered both in Norway and in Peterhead. The size has been between 170-230 g, and prices at an average of some NOK 5 with NOK 5,53 as the peak. Of the total quantity of 60.288 MT, 16.173 MT remain.
Also in the southern areas the processors have vacation leave, but deliveries are made in Scotland and Denmark.

Norwegian Spring spawning Herring
One catch from Lofoten at 38 MT has been registered, - average weight; 300 g.

Fish for reduction
For reduction purposes 450 MT were registered last week. The catches were divided between 310 MT of blue whiting, 90 MT of Norway pout and 45 MT of silvery pout.

Bergen, 4th of July 2011

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