The course of the fisheries as per 20th of June

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
The matjes season in its late stage, and sensational mackerel catching in the north. North Sea herring
Another good week for the North Sea Herring, totalling 9.400 MT. Of this quantity the main part; 5.700 MT were sold for filet production, 3.300 MT displayed for matjes auction and 400 MT for meal&oil. As usual at this part of the year, the catching of filet herring at size 200 g is carried out at 60º N. Herring meant for matjes being smaller; 130-170 g, is caught further south and west between 57º and 58 º N and from 0 º to 3 º E.
The prices are still at a favourable level. For matjes purposes; from NOK 7,04 to 8,95 with an average of 7,65 for the week. Prices for filet have also been good - in the range from NOK 4,60 to 5,65 – average; NOK 5,24
The matjes season goes towards an end now both In Norway and Denmark. Just modest quantities are expected this forthcoming week. So far some 12.000 MT have been landed in Egersund and 3.000 MT in Skagen.

The week came out as the best this season so far with 1.400 MT of mackerel from coastal vessels. The main part has been caught in the north and just 200 MT at the western coast. It’s highly unusual to observe these huge quantities of mackerel in the north so early in the season, and the mackerel is registered over a vast area. Followers of the on-going direct sent TV production from the coastal steamer “Hurtigruten” could easily observe vessels fishing mackerel in the Vestfjorden. The buyers are highly satisfied with the quality of the mackerel, taken into account being so early in the season.
The size of the mackerel is also very good, and the average was 505 g - with 610 g at the best. This is some 100 g more than the mackerel further south. The prices are favourable; at the peak NOK 12,10 were observed. As an average in the north; NOK 11,05.

Sand eel
Two catches amounting to 860 MT were registered from the Nw zone. These were sold for meal&oil at approx. NOK 1,90.

Blue whiting
6 catches taken close to the “edge” totalling 2.000 MT. Also these catches were sold for meal&oil. Prices between NOK 1,60-1,66.

Capelin - Iceland and Jan Mayen It was expected that the conditions for a summer fishery would have ready last week. This is, however, still not clarified and based on information from the Ministry, Nw authorities are still anticipating news from Iceland. Bergen, 20th of June 2011

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