The course of the Fisheries as per 27th of June.

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
The matjes season 2011 is finished, - good conditions for North Sea herring, - and mackerel up north. Apart from this, a quiet week in “the pelagic”. North Sea herring
The activity is still high; all together 5460 MT were caught last week. 825 MT were delivered for matjes, while the remaining 4635 MT were sold for filet production. On Wednesday the matjes office in Egersund was closed with a total status of 13.500 MT displayed for matjes. Some 2000 MT of this quantity were not sold as matjes and were used for alternative purposes. The average price at the auctions was NOK 7,98 including what was delivered in Denmark. The fishing for filet herring is conducted further north in the North Sea. During the last part of the week, the catching took place east of Pobie. The average price last week for filet herring was NOK 5,40. As from the forth coming weekend the possibilities to deliver for filet production in Norway will be very limited. Last day of production will be 3rd of July according to information Norges Sildesalgslag has got from the buyers.

The week’s total was 2386 MT. The catching up north gave the best yield. The average price for penned in fish was NOK 9,82 and for direct net deliveries NOK 10,87. The size of the fish is very good; from 500 to more than 600 g. In the south close to 70 MT have been sold for fresh consumption and 250 MT to be freezed.

Fish for reduction
For reduction purposes just a modest quantity has been registered last week. 5 catches of blue whiting amounted to 1600 MT. In addition 130 MT of Norway pout were mixed into these catches.

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