Spaniards warned against overfishing mackerel

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Last year Spain overfished the mackerel quota by close to 80 %. Now the catching of mackerel is closed for purseiners and trawlers applicable for the first half of 2011. With reference to MARM (Ministry of Environmental, Rural and Marine Affairs) the lack of catch data from the vessels are one of the reasons behind the closing, tells. The quota for 2011 was already reduced by 4.500 MT following the overfishing of 19.600 MT last year by vessels operating in the western part of the Biscay bay.
Representatives from the trawling fleet admit that catch data requested by EU have been delayed and Rosa Aquilar, the head of MARM, says they will perform new analyses when data is received, meanwhile judging it safest to stop catching based on the previous overfishing.
The consequence of overfishing might be a stop for the entire year, she says in a finishing comment to

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