Course of the fisheries week 21

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Slow start for the North Sea herring season for matjes production but good week for both sandeel and coastal mackerel. North Sea herring
After a slow start for the matjes fishery, the first catches were landed this week. Thursday saw the vessel Gunnar Longva catching 195 tonnes and later that day Ligrunn followed suit with 110 tonnes.
There were some excitement regarding the season’s first landing and even though the herring was not at optimal condition regarding fat and feed content the buyers were eager to start production. This was also reflected by the prices and the highest price this far has been NOk 13,56 per kilo.
A total of 515 tonnes were reported caught this week.
The conditions on the fishing grounds have not been the best. There has not been much herring seen and the weather has not been the best. 7-8 Norwegian vessels have started the matjes fishery and we have registered that some Swedish vessels have made landings in Denmark.

This week we saw a reduction to 18 000 tonnes total , down from an average of over 20 000 tonnes the previous weeks.
Several things caused this, the weather was not as agreeable in the beginning of the week and some vessels have finished their quotas.
Towards the end of the week, we again saw daily landings of 5 000 tonnes.
On Monday, the regulation of waiting for the next trip was lifted and some vessles were able to start their next trip out immediately.
Of this year’s total quota of 110 000 tonnes about 12 000 tonnes remain; 8 000 tonnes in the Norwegian area and 4 000 tonnes in the EU-zone.

Mackerel (Coastal)
Almost 210 tonnes of mackerel were put in holding pens this week. From the total, about 75 tonnes are deemed for freezing and the remaining 135 tonnes are meant for the fresh fish market.
The buyers have flagged their interest of buying for freezing and Skude Fryseri is starting taking landing for this in week 22.
For fresh delivery the price has been NOK 15 per kilo ( the set minimum price) but the pricelevel is lower for delivery for freezing the fish.
To get most vessels the chance to deliver some fish fresh thee has been set vessel quotas of 15 tonnes per vessel. Some vessels have already exceeded this quota.
So far this season 390 tonnes coastal mackerel have been caught

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