Course of the fishery in week 20

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Good sandeel fishery early in the week, more mackerel along the coast and many vessels are taking a “wait and see” approach for the fishery for North Sea Herring for matjes production. Sandeel
Several vessels that were finished with their original quotas went back out after the quota was raised. Total catches for the week was just over 189 000 tonnes. This is lower than the previous week and the main reason is just a reduction in catch during the weekend.
Of the week’s total quantity 16 000 tonnes were caught in the Norwegian zone and 3 000 tonnes at Doggerbank in the EU-zone.

The fishery has been varied all week, there has been hauls of 400 tonnes in a few hours during the week but, as mentioned, lower daily catches during the weekend. Just over 81 000 tonnes of the total quota of 110 000 tonnes are now landed.

Of the 37 vessels with fishing rights, 25 have landed thei EU quotas and 6 are done in the Norwegian zone. In order to avoid long waiting periods at the factories there has been a regime of a waiting period between reported catches for landing and being able to start the next trip.

The price has been from NOK 1,60 to 1,90 in the auctions.
The fat content of the sandeel is now over the basic at 8% and final payments for the vessels are over the auction prices. We are expecting a reduction in the sandeel fishery the next weeks as we are seeing that several vessels at the fishing grounds are on their last trip for their quotas.

The smaller fleet has reported in about 106 tonnes of mackerel set in holding pens. This is the best weekly total so far this year. Rogaland is topping the chart with 80 tonnes but vessels have been fishing from Smøla in the north and down on both the coastal areas of Sogn and Hordaland.

With the increased quantity the minimum price was reduces to NOK 15 during the week. After that, more mackerel from the pens were sold. OF the 180 tonnes total catches this year, 50 tonnes are still in holding pens at various areas.

North Sea Herring
The buyers of herring for matjes production in both Norway and Denmark are ready to start production but so far no vessels have set out. The first one are expected to head out later this week.

Three Swedish vessels have been out this past weekend but no reports of catches have been forthcoming. The weather on the fishing grounds have been rough and the forecast for the nest period is not optimal for herring fishery. Two of the three vessels are currently at harbor in Peterhead

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