The course of the Fisheries as per 21st of November

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Herring fishing from a wide area resulted in this season’s highest volume. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
As the horse mackerel season was closed, the bigger vessels turned north and got this autumn’s highest accumulated quantity for one single week; 54.000 MT. Foreign vessels contributed with only 1.900 MT last week. The herring has been found in an extremely wide area. Some catches were taken west off the “Loop Sea” beyond 69 º N and further - to north of Tromsøflaket in thenorth east. The reports periodically tell of vast quantities and one single haul got 1200 MT.
In such a wide area the size varies. At the best the average was 380 g and in the lower end; 265 g. Total average; 331 g. The herring closer to the coast is considerable smaller, but fit for filet production with sizes between 170-220 g. Thus demand is good and so are the prices even for the smaller herring. Best price last week; NOK 7,22 and the average for herring taken in high seas; NOK 6,62. Closer to the coast; NOK 4,40-5,40.
In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected, but the accumulated volume is expected somewhat lower as several vessels now have finished their quotas.

Having been waiting both for better weather and mackerel available outside the “12 mil” border of Shetland, the fishing finally got started. The total of the week; 2000 MT from west off Shetland. The size has been between 315-380 g. The prices are still good but with relatively small sized fish the prices are between NOK 9,83 to 12,77. There will still be some Norwegian vessels going for the mackerel.

North Sea herring
Just a few catches; 900 MT, caught in the EU zone. The size is between 143-229 g. The demand is also good for North Sea herring (filets) and catches are sold both to Denmark and Norway at NOK 5,50-6,53.

Coastal sprat
Again some activity in the Oslofjord. 200 MT of good sized sprat caught between Sandefjord and Nøtterøy. This sprat was sold to the Swedish buyer “Astrid”. Prices from NOK 5,00- 6,00.

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