The course of the Fisheries as per 7th of November

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
More North Sea herring reported following several vessels in operation. Less mackerel, horse mackerel and Atlanto Scandic herring – but some coastal sprat registered. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Still low activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring as many vessels are chasing the “horse”. Some 13.000 MT were reported last week. Average weight was between 170 – 200 g. In open sea catching was still performed between 72º - 73º N and 14-17º E. Here the average weight was 300 g. The average price for this size was just beneath 6 NOK. Close to 1.500 MT of even better sized herring was caught further south in the Norwegian Sea just north of 68 º N and 0 º.

Horse mackerel
The total catches of last week amounted to 4.000 MT. 46 vessels made deliveries, but not high volumes for any of them. The obeservations are still scattered - as was seen the previous week as well. Average price fell to NOK 7,20.

North Sea herring
Some 30 vessels were in operation for the North Sea herring as vessels had a break from a disappointing horse mackerel fishery. The vessels had still some remaining quotas for herring to fulfill. More than 4.500 MT were delivered and the average price was NOK 5,90 with an average size of 200 g.

Again mackerel was delivered by foreign vessels from fields west of Shetland. The total of the week; 1.955 MT shared by 6 vessels. Average price; NOK 12 and upwards for size above 370 g.

Coastal sprat
80 MT of coastal sprat were reported from the Oslofjord last week.

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