The course of the Fisheries as per 10th of October

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Moderate volumes last week due to bad weather – still good prices for both herring and mackerel. Mackerel
Following low pressures in line from west, the mackerel volume was the lowest since the main season started. Just 19.000 MT were registered of which 11.500 MT came from foreign vessels. The mackerel is now migrating westwards. Except a few coastal catches, all fishing activity is found in the vicinity of Shetland. As already observed this autumn, the average size vary. 490 g at the highest and 340 g at the lowest with an average of 410 g. In general the smallest fish is caught west of Shetland.
The prices are still at a high level. The highest price registered at the auction was NOK 15,46 – the lowest at NOK 10,79 with an average of the week at NOK 13,86. As a total; 182.000 MT are now caught by Norwegian vessels also taking into account the remaining part from 2010. As several vessels now have finished their quotas, fewer vessels are expected to go for mackerel in the forthcoming week. But foreign catches are still expected.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Weather conditions were not better further north for the herring fishermen. The quantity of the week was just 18.500 MT.
Looking at the outer limits of where fishing is performed, a Faroese vessel caught herring at 64º N while catches also were taken North West of Tromsø at 72º N. The main part has been taken in an area between 68º and 70º N with an average at 350 g. In the northernmost fields, the average size is 320 g. Also for herring the good price profile remained throughout the week with NOK 6,60 at the best and NOK 5,78 at the lowest. The average for the week is all time high: NOK 6,24. High activity is expected to go on the forthcoming week.

Horse mackerel
When the October full moon is getting closer, the “horse mackerel fever” rises among the fishermen. During the week end, several vessels aimed for the Egersund bank chasing “the horse”. – So far; no horse mackerel has been observed.

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