The course of the Fisheries as per 17th of October

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Less mackerel, more Atlanto Scandic herring and some catches of North Sea herring. But “the horse” was absent - at least by this full moon. Mackerel
The week’s catching indicates it goes towards the end of the season. The quota figures tell their story and very few vessels have still some quotas left. Despite the weather was not at its best last week, Thursday came out very good - seen from both a weather and catch point of view. More than 7.000 MT were reported from the field west of Shetland and almost every vessel had catches on Thursday. The aggregated quantity of the week was 12.300 MT of which 3.300 MT originated from foreign vessels. The size is not the same as previously which also is reflected in the prices. Average of the week: NOK 12,91.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
As the vessels conclude their mackerel catching, they now go for Atlanto Scandic herring. The reported quantity last week was 29.500 MT and fishing is performed in a wide area. Along the coast the size is between 175-220 g, while the herring caught in open sea further north is between 310-345 g. However, there is a good marked for all sizes. Average price of the week: NOK 6,23.

North Sea herring
Last week also a few thousand tonnes of North Sea herring were reported from different areas in the North Sea, from Dogger in the south to west off Frigg in the north. The demand is good and so are prices both in Denmark and Norway. Average price from the auctions: NOK 5,64 and 550 MT were sold to Denmark.

Horse mackerel
There were high expectations for “the horse” last week following the full moon. But the results were disappointing. No catches and just a few observations. The “fever” is still high, but bearing in mind last year’s season, it is may be some what reduced.

Coastal sprat
Last week resulted in poor results, just 40 MT. On Monday (today) the catch area is expanded also including the Oslofjord and areas north of Stadt.

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