The course of the fisheries as per 24th of October

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Record prices for horse mackerel and a good week for herring in the north. The mackerel west of Shetland “blew away” Atlanto Scandic Herring ( Norwegian Spring Herring)

The fall’s best week for theherring fisheries with a total of 34 400 tonnes noted. This was despite periods of stronf winds at sea. Purse seiners had most of the catches with 24 600 tonnes, foreign vessels 4 500 tonnes, coastal vessels 4 100 tonens and trawlers 1 200 tonnes.

The main catching area has been northwest of Tromsø, between N 71° and N 73°. In addition we had some catches on the coast from Trøndelag to Lofoten.
To vessels from the Faroe Ilands landed 390 gram herring from the Faroe Zone.

The average size of the herring from the main catching area is still big, relatively speaking. From 296 gram low-end to 360 gram highest with an average of 339 grams. The main challenge with the large sizes is that the demand for fish for filet is not met properly.

 The prices have been rising during the entire fall. This week we saw the prices close to NOK 7.00.  With lowest around NOK 6,10 we ended up with an average of NOK 6,59.

We are expecting less activity for the herring fishery in the coming week.


The week has been challenging weather-wise. From the grounds west of Shetland low-pressure weather has hampered the fishing. Some small lull in the weather Thursday, in addition to some catches from foreign vessels helped the toptal to a modest 8 000 tonnes for the week. 4 300 tonnes from Norwegian vessels, 3 700 tonnes from foreign vessels.

The mackerel caught last week varied in sizes from 340-419 grams, the average being 384 grams. Also the prices have varied and has gone slightly down the last week. Prices from the auctions have been in the range  NOK 11,88 to NOK 14,46, with the average of NOK 13,21.

We are hoping for better weather next week so that the remaining quotas can be landed.

Horse mackerel:With the new moon hanging overheadthis weeknd has seen increased catches day to day. Friday we had 280 tonnes, Saturday 1 000 tonnes and Sunday 1 900 tonnes.

Bad weather has also hampered activity in this fishery. The southwest winds is a difficult bearing for the purse seiners and the windbearing is expected to continue for the coming week.As was expected, the buyers interest for the horse mackerel has been very good. Especially the Japanese market has shown strong demand. The results in record prices during the weekend. . Highest price was over NOK 12 and the average was NOK 10,36. At these prices the “horse fever” is raging among the fishermen where even small quantities caught means good total value.We are expecting high participation this coming week, and hopefully good fishing if the wind dies down.

North Sea Herring:

A handful catches totaling 1 600 tonnes was caught in the EU zone. The sizes are from 160-225 grams.

The buyers interest has been good and both Norwegian and Danish herring producers has been buying at prices from NOK 5,71 to 6,04

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