The course of the Fisheries as per 12th of September

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
A lot of mackerel and high yield by the end of the week Mackerel
At last the mackerel catching got a kick and last week the total quantity reached 35.800 MT. Following a slow and uneven opening, the quantity reached a peak on Friday with 14.000 MT followed by 15.000 MT the next days. By the beginning of the week the fleet was concentrated in an area north of “Tampatåa”. The following days the conditions got worse and the fleet set off both west- and southwards in the EU zone. Some catches of fairly good sized mackerel were taken close to the Faroese zone. But the mackerel’s stomach content caused the fleet to leave the area.
On Friday the wind calmed and mackerel was available at several sites. A lot of mackerel was registered both in the EU zone and east of Shetland - and by Aktivneset west off Ålesund. 62 catches were registered on Friday, and the fleet stayed in this area also during the weekend.
The size has varied from 365 g to 475 g, with an average of 409 g for the week as a total. The market and prices have been good, and the prices are higher than what we saw by the end of last season. The auction has given prices between NOK 10,05 and 14,81. Average: NOK 12,86.
The quality is very good and apart from fish close to the Faroese zone, there is found just insignificant stomach content in the fish. - In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected, though harsh weather may hamper the operations.

Norwegian Spring spawning herring
Along the coast from Møre to Lofoten smaller vessels have been in operation for the Nw spring spawning herring. Total catch; 2.600 MT of which 1.950 MT were taken in the area Rødøy – Meløy. For consumption purposes; NOK 2,22 – 3,14 with an average of NOK 2,75.
Some 700 MT were delivered for reduction in Bodø at minimum price.

Coastal sprat
Bad weather/ catching conditions have just given 100 MT of sprat last week. The catching has taken place in Sunnhordland .
Since the opening in August, close to 1.600 MT have been caught. In the forthcoming week it will be evaluated to open new areas to secure the quantities King Oscar shall need for their production.

Bergen 12th of September 2011

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