The course of the Fisheries as per 19th of September

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
High activity for mackerel - and some Atlanto Scandic herring in Trøndelag and northwards. Just moderate volumes of coastal sprat and North Sea herring Mackerel
Also last week was summed up as a very good week for mackerel catching and on Friday a new record was observed with 14.000 MT registered as a 24-hours quantity. In addition prices were record high as well with this year’s best price; NOK 15,03 per kilo. The total week quantity reached 55.000 MT. By the beginning of the week catching took place mainly in the EU zone east of the Shetlands and west of Stadt. From mid week onwards the main catching moved east to the Norwegian zone west of Stadt. On Saturday and Sunday the catching moved further south to an area close to 61º N. Even if the daily quantity has changed from 3.600 MT to more than 14.000 MT the prices have been fairly stable. The week’s average; NOK 13,09. Of this year’s quota of close to 183.000 MT some 72.000 MT remain by now.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Just 2.000 MT were caught last week, of which 800 MT were sold for reduction purposes. The catching is taking place in an area from Hitra island in the south and along the coast towards Bodø in the north. The price for consumption purposes has an average of NOK 3,08 compared to NOK 2,77 the previous week. In addition a Russian on-board producer reported 450 MT (trawled) from the area between 71/72 º 30’ N and 11 -15 º E.

Coastal sprat
The conditions for catching sprat have not been the best lately. Just three catches are reported amounting to 37 MT. As from Monday 19th September the Sognefjord is opened for catching, but so far no sprat has been observed/reported.

North Sea Herring
Just 285 MT have been reported last week for the North Sea Herring

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