The course of the fisheries as per 26th of September

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Good size herring and bigger mackerel meant record prices in the fish auctions Mackerel:

The week showed varied quantity of mackerel with daily catches ranging from 400 tonnes Thursday to 8 000 tonnes on Tuesday. Total catches for the week is 26 300 tonnes.
In the beginning of the week the fishery took place i “Norskerenna” from 61°30’ and southwards until it reached south of the 60° latitude. It has been years since we last had this good mackerel fishery in this area.

Later in the week the mackerel spread out and so did the fleet, from Norskerenna to Shetland. On Sunday the good fishery resumed both in the EU zone and in the Norwegian zone and we closed the week with 7 000 tonnes for the day.

So far this week we have seen bigger variations on size than during previous weeks in the fall. Highest average weight has been 499 gams and lowest 380 grams.

There is still huge interest in the fish from the buyers and the higher average weight has given us record prices in the auctions.
The new record for mackerel is NOK 16,92 per kilo. The lowest price for the week is NOK 9,83 which means the week’s average is at an astonishing NOK 13,34.
As we can see from the quota for mackerel there is now 139 000 tonnes caught of the total quota of 182 827 tonnes. That means there is a rest of around 44 000 tonnes left.
A new rule this year allows a flex-quota where vessels are allowed to catch 10% of their 2012 quota this year. With the current demand for mackerel many vessels will take advantage of this new rule for this year. During the next week we expect more vessels to finish their quotas and thus a smaller participation in the mackerel fishery.
We also expect that the mackerel will be catchable during the night and we’ll see fishing around the clock.

Norwegian Spring Herring

The first week in the fall of the herring fishery gave us a week total quantity of 19 000 tonnes. Only around 1 700 tonnes from this total was caught close to the coast from Møre to Bodø.

The main fishery has been for larger size herring in “Smutthavet”, the international area between Norwegian Economic Zone and the fishery protection zone around Jan Mayen. “Kvannøy” was the first vessel there Tuesday night.
The first catches were made south in the area around N65° and the herring has been moving north at good speed. We saw good catches early in the week but a reduction closer to the weekend. Around 16 300 tonnes at an average weight of 360 grams was the total for the area.

Buyers interest for herring has been good with reports of empty storage in Norway and other countries.
As for mackerel the herring prices has been record high with auction prices from NOK 5,70 to NOK 6,32. The average for the week was NOK 6,11.

From the area northwest of Troms we had a few catches of smaller herring, sized around 307-333 grams. Prices for the smaller herring has been around NOK 5.00.

As many of the vessels are finished with their mackerel quotas we are expecting more of them to start with their herring quotas next week.

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