All our e-services will be shut down for a period

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
As from Friday 20th of April at 11 p.m. all e-services operated by Norges Sildesalgslag will be shut down. The reason is that we internally are moving all our central data equipment, but will of course do our outmost to make the necessary changes as quickly as possible, - though we expect 48 hrs’. work and shut down.

In the period from Friday 20th of April as from 11 p.m. following the last auction completed, all our electronic services will be non-accessible. This will be the situation for the next 48 hours.

We are in fact moving all central data equipment from one floor to another. To assure that we in the future have a secure and stable system we can trust, we are physically moving all the equipment/servers to a larger and operative better room. We are preparing for the future and this unfortunately leads to a shut down for a maximum of 48 hours, says IT manager Øivind-Harald Bolstad.

We have chosen this period as we by experience know there is low fishing activity now. We observe from our web site activity log that we are into a very quiet period. That’s why we are doing this now to prepare for the future with a minimum of inconvenience to our users.

For those of you using services related to auction, extranet, electronic delivery note, web site, applications or any other services of Norges Sildesalgslag, we urge that ALL these services will be shut down and non-accessible from late Friday night 20th of April at 11 pm.

We promise to do all work as quickly as possible, but have to be reassured that everything is functioning well again before any restart of services. The work is calculated to take max 48 hours, Bolstad concludes.

If any of you should need some practical assistance or have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales department at tel: + 47 55 54 95 00 or + 47 55 54 95 50. Any auction during the shutdown period will be made manually and consequently updated via telephone.

In case of any additional information, please contact us.

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