The course of the Fisheries as per 2nd of April 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Stable for blue whiting with close to 10.000 MT – finishing face for the capelin. Capelin in the Barents Sea
Following different regulations for a period the fishing was free - leading to vessels again setting course for the Barents Sea. Some were lucky and headed south. Sunday night there were still 5-6 vessels in operation and the remaining quota is expected caught before Easter. While the catching last week took place as far west as “Malangsgrunnen”, the activity the last couple of days has been close to Heines off Tana. It is mainly raw material for reduction purposes being received now by plants along the entire coast and even delivered in Denmark. The plant in Murmansk is the last one buying for consumption purposes and three vessels headed to Murmansk last week. However, also from Murmansk it is now reported to be the end of season – which is normal at this time of the year.
Totally it is caught close to 17.000 MT last week, some 1.300 MT for consumption purposes and 1.500 MT for meal/oil. The average price from the auctions has been NOK 1,59 for meal /oil and NOK 2,17 for consumption.

Blue whiting
Just above 9.500 MT were the result of last week. The catching is taking place near St Kilda and optimistic observations of fish are reported. Sunday afternoon four vessels were in operation and further five is on their way. The average size varies; from 130 g to 180 g with an average of 160 g. Average price last week: NOK 2,48. Based on information we have got from buyers, there is no production in Killybegs as from Good Friday until Monday next week. In Peterhead and in Shetland they will keep open during Easter. – However, changes may have been made outside our knowledge. We constantly keep contact with buyers to get their last information on production plans.

A happy Easter to all our readers!

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