The course of the Fisheries as per week 48/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Quantity of Atlanto Scandic herring divided compared to last week,-  increased volumes for North Sea herring while the catching of mackerel has ceased.


Atlanto Scandic herring
Just 16.500 MT were delivered last week. The main part was taken at the fields off Tromsø, but some catches also west of Lofoten and Vesterålen. There have been just a few vessels involved this late in the season when most vessels have already finished their quotas.

North Sea herring
9.500 MT were landed last week. The catching was performed at "the Reef" west of Egersund and further in an area close to the Vestbanken. 7.500 MT have been delivered for reduction purposes as the size of the herring has been small and not very suitable for consumption purposes.

Horse mackerel
Following some weeks without catching horse mackerel, two catches were taken totalling 250 MT at Bualandet. Some additional vessels joined, but there were no more than these two catches last week. The size; well above 500 g, and the catches were sold at approx. 11 NOK/kg at the auction. The market demand is very good in Japan.

Norway pout
2.200 MT of Norway pout were delivered in Egersund and Hanstholm for reduction purposes last week, mainly on contract. With 3.600 MT as a grand total so far this year, the quantity is now above what was seen in 2011.

53 MT of coastal sprat were taken in the Oslofjorden and delivered in Sweden.
110 MT of ocean sprat were taken by two vessels in the south-western part of the North Sea and delivered at Karmsund.

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