The course of the Fisheries as per week 49/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Just very few vessels have quotas left, but for North Sea herring there is still some left to be caught

Atlanto Scandic herring
The activity for Atlanto Scandic herring was significantly reduced over the last week. Very little quotas are left according to quota accounts, but some vessels have utilised their possibility to fish on the 2013 quota in accordance with the "flexible allowance".It is mainly in the fjords at the outer part of Troms County that fishing has been performed, but some activity has also been seen at Helgeland, In Trøndelag and at the coast of Northern Møre. The size of last week's catching was between 270 and 330 g, - as previously seen, - and 200 g further south. Average price; NOK 5,52/kg. 

North Sea herring
Last week 10.300 MT North Sea herring were landed. During the first part of the week the catching took place in the southern part of the North Sea where the size was rather small and sold for reduction purposes.  Some vessels were, however, operating further north close to Frigg and Oseberg and on Thursday the vessels got their share with two catches of herring at the size of 180-200 g. - a size which for a period seemed very hard to get. Totally 8.000 MT were reported of this herring being delivered both in Denmark and in southern part of Norway. Average size was 191 g and the average price; NOK 5,01. Some catches are also taken in Skagerrak and the southern coastline of Norway.

Just one catch last week from a Nw vessel; approx. 1000 MT, taken northwest of the Orkney Islands.
Hence everyone should have taken their quotas and the mackerel season is definitely over.

Horse mackerel
200 MT of horse mackerel was caught last week by some coastal vessels at the Bulandet. Even if a small quantity, the price was good; NOK 12,25 at the best!

Coastal sprat
In the Oslofjorden there has been observed some improvement, but there are just a few vessels participating and the sales perspectives are limited. Anyway, 140 MT were reported and sold in Sweden.

Norway pout
Last week trawlers reported 1.445 MT of Norway pout of which 400 MT were from foreign vessels. The main part is taken close to Fladengrunn. Some catches originated from the edge just east of Heimdal.


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