The course of the Fisheries as per 13th of February 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Herring fisheries at Møre contributed by foreign vessels. Disappointing size of the capelin in the Barents Sea. In the west; blue whiting for consumption purposes. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Less and less vessels are no participating in the herring fisheries. Compared to previously this winter, last week came out with the modest quantity of 22.300 MT. Some 6.000 MT were caught by UK and Irish vessels. The herring, except for two catches at Træna, were taken outside well-known fields at Møre. The size is the same as previously; 304 g. Highest average; 325 g and at the lower end; 270 g.
Prices are still stable and the average of the week was NOK 5,98 with 6,19 at the best and 5,74 as the lowest. Some buyers still signalise their interest for herring to certain products. Most foreign vessels have now finished their quotas. Combined with less Norwegian vessels as well, the activity is expected fairly low in the forthcoming week. The aggregated total of this winter’s season is now 242.300. The prices have been historically high compared to previous year’s winter seasons. The average of above mentioned quantity is more than NOK 6.

Following Leinebjørn’s localisation of capelin in the Barents Sea, several vessels have set sails for the area. Last week a total of 15.000 MT were reported. The main part was taken early in the week. After strong winds by mid-week, the vessels again came into activity and on Sunday two catches were sold for reduction purposes. The capelin is of small size and of last week’s quantity, 10.700 MT were delivered for reduction.
The price for these deliveries is between NOK 1,45 delivered in the north and NOK 1,97 for deliveries as far away as in Denmark. For consumption purposes the price is from NOK 1,81 – 1,87. - The buyers are just limited interested in this small sized fish for consumption purposes. As of now, some 30 vessels are involved in the capelin fisheries. If the size is not improving, the fish will be delivered for reduction.

Blue whiting
Several vessels headed west and 13 vessels with a total of 11.600 MT were reporting last week. The fishing is taking place off Ireland west of Porcupine. The observations are good and the catching has been performed in unusual calm Atlantic waters - the season of the year taken into account. All catches are sold for consumption, mainly to buyers in Killybegs. But there have also been buyers in Peterhead and in Egersund.
The quality is reported to be very good. Prices: from NOK 2,50 to above NOK 3. The demand is reported to be good. Some activity is also expected in the forthcoming week. Some vessels are finishing their quota in the EU zone, while new vessels are heading west to fish in international waters.

Mackerel/Horse mackerel
No landing of mackerel by foreign vessels last week. For horse mackerel there has been two catches totalling 410 MT from northwest of the Hebrides. The price: close to NOK 8.

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