A record year for Norway's pelagic exports

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
In 2011 Norway exported pelagic fish for over NOK 8,4 billion. This is an increase of 15% or NOK 1,1 billion over 2010. Never before has there been exported herring and mackerel for a higher value in one single year. Norwegian Seafood Export Council presented the yearly figures for the total Norwegian export of seafood for 2011 in a conference in Tromsø yesterday.

2011 did not quite reach the record total levels Norway saw in 2010, but with over NOK 53 billion total, the Seafood council's managing director, Terje Martinussen, still called it a very good year.

The drop was just 1,2%, or NOK 644 million against the record year of 2010. In quantity the decline was 339 000 tonnes to a total of 2,3 million tonnes for the year.

As stated, pelagic fisheries, together with several of the whitefish fisheries showed increase while salmon exports showed the largest decline from 2010. A drop in the salmon prices in early summer and during the fall and winter was the main cause. However, Martinussen still called the price levels we are seeing now as more ”normal”.

For pelagic mackerel is the big price winner althoug also the herring prices, on reduced total quotas, showed siginficant increases in prices.
Japan become , for the frst time since 2002, Norway's biggest export market with over NOK 1,4 billion, follwed by Russia, China and Germany.

However, it was also mentioned that Norway , with only 4,9 million people, still remain the biggest single market for Norwegian seafood.

Japan is the biggest single market for mackerel ( and also takes most of the mackerel that first goes to China for processing), Germany is biggest on herring and Russia for Norwegian capelin.

In this presentation from the Norwegian Seafood Export Cooincil you can see the various graphs depicting 2010 exports ( in Norwegian only)

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