The course of the Fisheries as per 16th of January 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
A very good week for Atlanto Scandic herring. Foreign mackerel from western parts, but disappointing when it comes to ocean sprat. Capelin in Icelandic waters in its initial face. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
It has been a fantastic week for herring in the north; 59.500 MT were reported last week. Not since the autumn of 2010 have there been a week with higher volumes. From foreign vessels there have been no registrations last week.
By beginning of the week the fishing was performed in the Andfjord and west off Andenes - and also off shore Vesterålen and Lofoten. During the weekend there has been some catches also further south off Træna.
The size has been varying over the week; from 250 g in the lower end to 335 g at the best. As an average the size has been 312 g. The prices have been rather stable despite high volumes. The auction prices observed have been between NOK 5 and 6,78 with an average at NOK 5,95. The quality is still reported to be satisfactory for fileting.

From foreign vessels there has been reported 13.700 MT last week. The catches have been taken west of the Hebrides from 58 °N 20’ and southwards to 57 °N. The mackerel has migrated along well known tracks and is now moving south.
The average size is rather small; 355-399 g. The price is lower than was obtained during autumn, and is now between NOK 10 and 11,50. Periodically good observations of fish are observed, but bad weather has been hampering. Also the forthcoming week deliveries from foreign vessels are expected.

Ocean sprat
15 vessels set sail by turn of the year to the southern part of the North Sea. When weather/wind improved, just modest observations were made. Some of the vessels got catches - totalling close to 1000 MT last week. This quantity was shared by 8 vessels with catches from 25 to 285 MT. All catches are sold to meal&oil with auction prices from NOK 1,79 to 1,84. - All vessels have left the sprat fields.

Capelin at Iceland
Three vessels set sail for Iceland last week. During the weekend the catching has been modest. The fish is spread and hides in great depth making it difficult to get by purse sein. Sunday night the vessels made good observations of capelin and made also some catching. - Norwegian vessels are not allowed to use trawl in this fishery. Icelandic vessels have had some better results using mainly trawl. More vessels are expected to set sail for Iceland the forthcoming week.

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