The course of the Fisheries as per 30th of January 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
The herring is observed extremely early at Møre. Better times for capelin at Iceland – and the mackerel observed off Ireland. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Due to weather conditions by mid-week, last week was more moderate; totalling 35.600 MT.  Foreign vessels did not deliver anything last week.
The herring migrates by high speed southwards and is observed extremely early at the Mørefield - still while activity is going on in Vesterålen.  It is not usual to observe the herring over such a wide area.  The size is gradually getting smaller and the average last week was 300 g. Highest average reported; 325 g - and 223 g in the lower end.
The average price last week was NOK 5,98. The best auction price from last week; NOK 6,37  - and NOK 5,21 as the lowest. During the weekend the price was still reduced compared to what was achieved by the beginning of the week.  So far the statistics tell that an incredible volume of 188.600 MT have been caught this winter season. In the forthcoming week less activity is expected. This because several vessels now have finished their quotas or choose alternative fishing.

The mackerel is migrating south following well known routes. Last week 11 vessels from Ireland, Scotland and Shetland reported a total of 11.000 MT. The catches were taken west-northwest of Ireland. The size of the mackerel is at the same level as has been seen previously this winter; between 355-395 g. Most catches are sold according to contracts. For catches sold at the auction, the price has been between NOK 10,58 and 11,30. So far this year 42.500 MT have been landed from foreign vessels.  If we compare to January  one year ago; 49.500 MT were delivered from foreign vessels and 2.100 MT from Norwegian boats.
As the mackerel is moving south and due to the fact that several vessels fulfilled their quotas, less mackerel is expected landed in the forthcoming period.  

From Iceland 15.500 MT of capelin were reported last week. The catching takes place in an area east of Iceland and after a slow opening phase, the fishing has improved towards the end of the week. The main part has been delivered for reduction purposes at prices from NOK 1,60 to 1,94 at the best. Final price is set when the analyses of fat- and dry-matter are concluded. One catch was sold for consumption purposes at price just above NOK 2,- . Sunday night  there was strong winds at the fields and 16 vessels are reported to be in Icelandic zone. Still 6 more vessels are on their way. Last date for setting sail is 2nd of February. 

In the Barents Sea “Leinebjørn” has been looking for capelin in the Nw zone during the weekend. So far nothing has been observed. From Russian sources it is reported that Russian vessels are getting catches far east in the Barents Sea close to 45° E. Licenses for fishing in Russian zone are not yet ready, and “Leinebjørn” awaits this license before moving further east.  Hopefully this will not last too long.  

Blue whiting
Two vessels; “Gardar” and “Manon” have during the weekend set course west towards the blue whiting fields. They will start their searching in the northern part of the EU zone north west of the Hebrides.
According to reports, Faroese vessels have taken fairly good catches of blue whiting in their Faroese zone.

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