The course of the Fisheries - week no. 1 - 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
High activity for Atlanto Scandic herring and some mackerel from foreign vessels, but bad weather hampered those chasing ocean sprat. Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
Following a modest start by the beginning of the week, there were good catches as from the night between Thursday/Friday. Some 30.000 MT were reported last week and the catching has taken place from Senja and Andenes in the north to west off Træna, - the main part caught in Vesterålen.
The average size is some 300 g and prices are close to following up what was seen by the end of 2011. The highest price last week; NOK 6,99 with an average at NOK 6,10. As expected it is the coastal vessels which dominate the activities, representing close to 26.300 MT.

The foreign trawlers going for mackerel have also started their season and some 7.650 MT were reported. Almost everything was sold on contracts with Nw buyers. Just a few catches were sold at the auction at prices between NOK 10,50 and 11.

North Sea herring
Some of the Nw purse seiners started the new year by chasing the North Sea herring. The weather was not at the best the first couple of days, and no promising observations were made. One catch was reported by a Nw vessel; 340 MT and in addition one catch from a foreign vessel (300 MT) on contract with a Nw buyer.

Ocean sprat
15 vessels were chosen to participate – last sailing by 48 hrs into the new year. Harsh weather was a hindrance to fishing. On Sunday the wind was more favourable, - but so far no sprat is reported.

Capelin at Iceland
Some purse seiners have indicated their interest in going to Iceland for the capelin. The first vessel set sail for Iceland on Sunday. The licenses for fishing in IEZ are not yet prepared, but will hopefully shortly be clarified.

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