The course of the Fisheries as per week 23/2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Good results from North Sea herring fisheries and improvement for the mackerel, especially up north last week. North Sea Herring
This week the catching of North Sea herring improved and close to 18.000 MT were registered. The main volumes are being used for filet production (13.000 MT). The price level for herring to be fileted is from NOK 4,50 to 5,- with an average of NOK 4,80.
The matjes season however, is not too good so far. 4535 MT are reported this week for matjes production. Of this quantity 1.200 MT have been sold In Skagen and 3.300 MT in Egersund. Sunday night 1.200 MT were still on its way and not yet sold when this report was written. Neither the price level is very good; from about NOK 5,- to 7,27 at the best with an average of NOK 6,13.

Following the first catches of mackerel up north last week, quite many good catches have been caught this week from the island of Vega in the south to Lofoten in the north. Close to 1000 MT have been registered and half of it from the northern areas. Average size in the north is from 475-500 g and the average price for mackerel to be frozen is NOK 8,31 both north and south. In the south the main part though is used for fresh production. The weekly fresh volume amounts to 100 MT. Approx. 23 MT have been sold and aggregated unsold fish is now 215 MT. As previously, the price for fresh is NOK 15,-. In addition 260 MT are registered from on-board production by purseiners.

Of other species, 400 MT of blue whiting are reported and 3 catches of altogether 1300 MT of sand eel – and 27 MT of penned-in Atlanto Scandic herring.

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