The course of the Fisheries as per 12th of March 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Capelin in the north with high degree of roe maturation, steady for the blue whiting and herring fisheries in Rogaland have started. Capelin in the Barents Sea
Last week came out as the best this season volume wise; totalling 49.400 MT. The catching has taken place north of Sletnes to the east and westwards to Malangsgrunnen. As seen previously the size is relatively small, and in addition the ripening is progressing very quickly to be this early in March. This fact causes catches not to be sold for consumption purposes and catches have even been rejected. Quality not being good for consumption has another effect as well ; too low capacity for meal&oil in the north results in the need for transportation further south. Of last week’s quantity; 22.000 MT were sold for meal&oil at minimum price (NOK 1,80). During the weekend, the fishing was hampered by bad weather leading to modest daily quantities – giving again rise to prices; NOK 1,95 – 2,06. - 58.300 MT remain of this year’s quantity of 221.000 MT. Unless capelin being less matured is found, there will be just roe production in respect of consumption in the near future. However, the capacity for roe production is very limited.

Blue whiting
Since the start in early February, weekly volumes have been approx. 10.000 MT. This was also the result of last week; 11.600 MT. Altogether 13 blue whiting trawlers and 2 pelagic trawlers have got catches last week. By beginning of the week the catching took place west off Porcupine in the EU zone. During the weekend the catching moved more towards international waters and 5.000 MT were caught here. Blue whiting trawlers have to get 2.000 MT more in international waters before taking the remaining quantity in the EU zone. All catches are sold for consumption purposes and as usual it is mainly to Killybegs buyers. Though 3 catches have been sold to Norwegian buyers, 2 at Peterhead and 2 at the Faeroe isles. The prices in Killybegs are somewhat lower now and accordingly the vessels have asked for an extended bidding area. Lowest price at the auction; NOK 2,10 and the highest at NOK 2,72 - with an average of NOK 2,40. Activity at the steady level is expected also in the forthcoming week.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
The coastal fleet in southern Norway is now busy catching herring in Rogaland. As a total 3.000 MT have been caught. The demand for herring is still good with high prices the time of the year taken into consideration. Auction prices; NOK 4,25 to 5,75 with an average at NOK 4,54. Previously herring has been observed to be west of Karmøy Island. The fishermen are now observing the herring to migrate to the inner side of the island and further into the fjords. Hopefully this is the initial face of a good herring fishery in the fjords as was the case two years ago.

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