The course of the Fisheries as per 26th of March 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
Stable for blue whiting – difficulties for capelin in the north - and in the south the herring is gone. Capelin in the Barents Sea
The catching has been difficult throughout the season – and so it was last week with a volume of just 24.000 MT. Also last week there was a westerly bound migration. The main part has been caught off the coast of Troms County, - merely 1.550 MT were caught northwest of the cape.
Of the week’s quantity 10.500 MT are sold for reduction purposes. The prices are from minimum; a little above NOK 1 to 1,65 at the best. 13.500 MT were sold for consumption. Some of the buyers have extended the production of mixed more than expected. The prices for consumption are from minimum at NOK 1,80 to 2,50 at the best when delivered directly in Murmansk. Average price; NOK 1,85. The remaining quantity is now 22.600 MT of this years’ total quota of 221.000 MT. Hopefully some more capelin will be found to fulfil the quota.

Blue whiting
An “even” week for the blue whiting resulting in 10.600 MT. The catching has mainly taken place in the EU zone from 55° N northwest of Ireland to 57°30’ southwest of St. Kilda. Just a smaller quantity was been taken in international waters. With activity further north now, vessels are defining a wider bidding area including also plants at the Faroe isles, in Scotland/Shetland and Norway. Thus catches are sold to buyers in a wider range in addition to Killybegs, being the main port so far this season. Prices; from NOK 2,28 to 2,72, with an average of NOK 2,52.
Of the total quantity of 118.614 MT close to 76.000 MT are caught so far. What is most joyous is the fact that all catches have been sold for consumption purposes - and just one smaller catch has been rejected. In the forthcoming week it is expected to be fewer vessels in activity.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
The Atlanto Scandic herring did never enter the fjords of Ryfylke in a considerable quantity as we hoped for by the beginning of the month. Last week just 340 MT were registered. Several vessels have now left the fields and some of the buyers have already closed for the season.
Based on the latest reports from the fishermen; the herring is now heading northwest to feed in the Norwegian Sea.

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