The course of the Fisheries as per 5th of March 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
A good week for capelin volume wise, steady for the blue whiting fisheries and some catches of Atlanto Scandic herring. Capelin in the Barents Sea
The better sized capelin which is requested didn’t show up last week either. The development is not improving; the size is not smaller but the ripening process goes on and the peak of preferred quality will be for just a short period after all. Of areas where operations are performed we can mention the area north off the island of Sørøya and some scattered catches east of Magerøy Island.
The capelin in this area is smaller than further west. On Friday a new area of special attention was declared to the west and further south than previously declared. The fishing did not cease as capelin was registered also west of this area. Friday there was some reports of capelin observed in Russian waters close to the shore and further east towards the border line. Some vessels moved east, but no capelin was found – at least not at the Norwegian side of the line. On Sunday some capelin was observed further west and north of the Malangsgrunnen. This capelin was somewhat better sized; 45 pcs/kg mixed and of roe content 22,5 %. In a day or so we shall know if there is a certain volume of this capelin available.
Total quantity of the week; 37.000 MT. For consumption purposes 24.400 MT have been delivered, 12.000 MT for reduction and the remaining part for on board production. The price for consumption was NOK 1,88 as an average and 1,46 for meal&oil.

Blue whiting
As the foregoing week, last week also had a good yield; close to 12.000 MT were reported. But prices are getting lower. The week’s average was NOK 2,50 and deliveries are still to buyers in Killybegs. Of the quantity; 9.000 MT were taken in the EU zone and some 2.000 MT in international waters. The catching is still good in the EU zone, but gradually getting weaker in the international zone. So far 44.500 MT have been reported all together this season, of which approx. 11.000 MT are from international waters.

Atlanto Scandic herring (Nw Spring Spawning herring)
1.700 MT Atlanto Scandic herring were reported last week - mainly from the Karmøy – Bømlo area. The size; 300 g as an average. The herring is delivered from Denmark in the south to Fosnavåg in the north. In addition some catches were taken in the Rørvik area further north. This herring is smaller; just of 180 g as an average. Some trawlers got herring at Haltenbanken; 300 – 335 g as an average.
Average price last week: NOK 5,51.

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