The course of the Fisheries as per week 21/ 2012

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag
A quiet start for the North Sea Herring fishery; so far not the right quality for (Dutch) matjes, - some penned-in mackerel, but scarcely Norway pout. North Sea Herring
On Tuesday the first catch was reported and sold at Skagen. But so far the quality is reported not to be of the right fat content. Consequently the herring was produced as filets. In Egersund it is not displayed any herring for matjes yet. The buyers have been checking the herring already landed, but the quality has not been approved for matjes production. Totally 3.800 MT have been sold in an area between Skagen in Denmark in the south to Herøysund in the north and to Peterhead in the west. The price varies from NOK 4,75 to 5,50 – a few “øre” even higher in Denmark. The size varies from 140-165 grams in south and east – somewhat better sized in the north; 170 -195 grams (at Oseberg). In the forthcoming week the auctioning of matjes quality is expected to start.

Fishing for penning-in mackerel has been good last week. Favourable weather conditions have been helpful. The downside is that it is fresh mackerel only being sold, and the catching is better than the demand. There is no interest in freezing this mackerel now, based on market signals from last year. The total penned-in; 157 MT.

Norway pout
Neither this week was good for Norway pout. 17 catches of altogether 7.000 MT of which 700 MT were from the EU zone. The observations are not optimistic and conditions highly variable

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