The course of the Fisheries as per week 45/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season's best week ever for Atlanto Scandic herring, but less catches when it comes to other species.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week was very good for Atlanto Scandic herring with high activity. Many of those vessels previously looking for the horse mackerel have now turned north to the Atlanto Scandic herring.  And even if we also last week had to face some days with harsh weather, the total volume reached 47.000 MT. The highest volumes are of course taken by the bigger vessels in open seas, but also along the coast it has been a fairly good week.
In open seas the vessels have been operating in an area situated some 170 n.m. west of the Lofotodden and further northwest towards 70° N off Andenes.  By the end of the week, catches were also taken closer to shore; some 30 - 40 n.m. from the coast and Sunday night even closer. Some vessels have been operating even further north between 72° and 73° N and 15° -16° E. The size varies from 270 g to 360 g with an average at 334 g. Prices are to be found between NOK 6,27 and NOK 7,- with an average at NOK 6,65.

North Sea herring
In the North Sea there has been a limited activity, - still approx. 20 catches; amounting to 2.500 MT.  Catches are taken in an area from Lingbanken and northwards to Frigg. The size varies from 136 g to 210 g and the average price; NOK 4,69

The Nw vessels have in general finished their quotas, but there were still registered 2.500 MT. Of this quantity 400 MT came from Nw vessels. The catching has taken place west of Shetland and the size varies from 335 g to 405 g. Average price: NOK 7,71. 

Horse mackerel
Neither last week was very favourable with regard to horse mackerel.  This year's season is accordingly by now regarded as terminated.  The total outcome was the modest result of 2.600 MT.

 Coastal sprat
Three vessels have reported sprat last week, totalling 94 MT. Two vessels were operating in the Oslofjorden and one in Rogaland. - The catches were taken in Oslofjorden.

Other industrial species
Of other industrial species, just a modest volume of 130 MT is reported.

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