The course of the Fisheries as per week 46/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring and herring of good size has started migrating into the fjords west of Tromsø. More even activity in the south.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Another good week for the Atlanto Scandic herring resulting in a marginal higher volume compared to last week. As a total 47.200 MT were registered. The catching has varied due to both strong wind and as a consequence of herring being not always easy to get. Saturday was the best day with close to 13.000 MT while on Thursday just 620 MT were registered.
The main activity has also this week been performed 150 n.m. west of Lofoten in grid 3711. As much as 32.000 MT were taken in this area. At open sea the activities are more scattered towards north east. The size of the herring in open sea is from 303-358 g with 337 g as an average. The price varies from NOK 6,26 in the low end to NOK 7,- as the best. Average: NOK 6,44.
Along the coast it has also been catching activity from Møre in the south to Sortland in the north. Size: just above 200 g. In addition better sized herring (330 g) has migrated  into the area of Kvaløya island near Tromsø. The observations are extraordinary positive to be in this time of the year. Coastal vessels have been catching as much as 400 MT. The price for this herring varies from NOK 5,-  to NOK 5,80 and 6,50. Lower activity is expected in the forthcoming week as the quotas are being fulfilled these days.

North Sea herring
Several vessels still with quotas left have been catching North Sea herring in the Nw part of the North Sea. It has been fairly difficult as the herring is highly spread out. As a total 21 vessels have been operating, giving a quantity of 4.200 MT. The herring has been found close to the borderline between the Nw and EU zone, and by the beginning of the week the activity was just west of the Heimdal field with sizes between 180 and 200 g. Following stronger winds the vessels moved south some 80 n.m. west of the Sleipner field; 58° N 20'. The herring in this area is smaller; between 130 -150 g -  and prices are from NOK 4,40 to 5, -. It still remains some 35.000 MT of this year's quota. It has to be a very good catching the remaining part of this year to get this remaining quantity.

No Nw vessels have been operating over the last week for mackerel. Just one foreign vessel (Danish) has been reporting 2.500 MT divided into two catches. The catching was performed in the same as the Nw vessels previously were catching  west of Shetland.

 Ocean sprat
For ocean sprat it was the best week this season, totalling 3.400 MT. More vessels have joined in even if it later in the week was not so good conditions. Still 7 catches were registered from two areas; on southerly area just north of 53° N (British zone) and one further north, some 90 n.m. east of Newcastle. Two catches were sold for consumption purposes at prices form NOK 3,10 - 3,50. The remaining part was sold for reduction purposes at NOK 2,55 -2,70. It still remains some quota for the ocean sprat.

Norway pout
Following the opening for direct catching, a few vessels have participated and some 600 MT were registered. The catches are sold for reduction purpose at approx. NOK 2,30.

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