The course of the Fisheries as per week 39/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for the mackerel, close to 35.000 MT and also good catches of Atlanto Scandic herring. The purse seiners reported close to 5.600 MT.

The catch from last week amounted to nearly 35.000 MT and even if this is 20.000 MT lower than the week before, it must be characterized as a good week. The catching has mainly taken place in grid # 3004 west of Aktivneset and on Sunday the fleet was just 70 n.m.  off Stadt.
On Wednesday some Nw vessels were into the EU zone. 12 catches were taken at this side of the border line. However, on Thursday the fleet was back into the Nw zone. Again the weather was not very favourable last week and was hampering fishing in periods.
Average weight per catch was 421 g. The weight of the fish from the EU zone was 4 or 5 g higher. The best price last week was NOK 8,01 and the average; NOK 7,74. If we compare to the corresponding week of 2011, the quantity then was close to 46.000 MT and the average price; NOK 13,34. The catching at the time; mainly into the EU zone both southeast and later west of Shetland.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week the activity for Atlanto Scandic herring was higher and 12 vessels were in operation. The fishing takes place into the Nw zone just north of 64° N and 1° E, northeast of the EU zone's "peak". Almost 5.600 MT were reported from the purse seiners and one bigger coastal vessel reported 260 MT from the same area. The average size; 340 g. Average price; NOK 5,84. In the same week last year, the fishing took place in the "Loop Sea", with 15.000 MT at a price of NOK 6,27.
Also the coastal vessels have been in operation last week, and some 1.000 MT are registered apart from the above mentioned 260 MT. The main area was from Rødøy island to Steigen, but also some catching off the coast of North-Trøndelag county. The herring closer to the coast is of less size, from 210 - 266 g. The main part is penned-in and further sold for consumption purpose. Some catches however, are  also delivered for reduction at prices around NOK 3,50.

Apart from what  is said above, just tiny quantities of pelagic fish were reported; as 110 MT of North

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