The course of the Fisheries as per week 40/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Uneven for the mackerel catching - improvment by the end of the week.  Low activity for herring

A varying week from day to day, but aggregated catches were 27.700 MT. Of this quantity 18.000 MT were taken on Saturday and Sunday. Foreign vessels have landed 5.900 MT in Norway.
After three weeks of catching in grid 30-04 and a total quantity of 96.000 MT from this area, the mackerel "vanished". Hence the fleet started to chase the mackerel and on Tuesday we got catches reported from an area east of Gullfaks. Afterwards the vessels moved into the EU zone east-southeast of Shetland and there was catching throughout the weekend.
The size varies highly; as best average 450 g and in the lower end; 358 g. Overall average; 401 g.
The prices have, despite the size, improved. Highest bid was NOK 9,13 and in the low end; NOK 6,63. As an average; NOK 7.81.
Of the Nw quota of 180.873 MT some 24.000 MT remain.

Horse mackerel
Several vessels now having finished their mackerel will go for the horse mackerel. There is a new moon in a week's time and previous experiences predict this to be favourable. The first vessels will set sail by the end of this week. Last year the first catch was reported on 21st of October.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Some of the bigger vessels participate, as well as some coastal vessels resulting in 7.500 MT last week. The main part was taken in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, between 64°N and 1-2° E, some 140 n.m. northwest of Sunnmøre. From the northern parts north of 74°N, southwest of the Bjørnøya island, "Svanaug Elise" and two Russian vessels have registered landings. Along the coast of South Trøndelag some smaller vessels reported 750 MT.
The size of the herring in open sea is from 304-345 g and prices from NOK 5,72 - 6,40. Average; NOK 6,14. This is the same price level as was seen one year ago. Along the coast the size is from 210 -254 g. Average price; NOK 4,67.
Vessels having finished their mackerel, will also participate for herring in the forthcoming weeks.

Ocean sprat
Just a few trawlers were chasing the sprat and the catches are uneven. "Sille Marie" reported 300 MT. The catch was sold for reduction purpose.

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