The course of the Fisheries as per week 41/2012

Published: by Ann-Kristin Kristoffersen

A moderate week for the mackerel, some Atlanto Scandic herring in the Norwegian Sea and in the Stpitzbergen zone in addition to some coastal catches. For the "horse"; the fever is on!


Following four good weeks for the mackerel when great parts of the quotas were taken in an area north-east of Tampen, last week was disappointing. Also the weather was a hindrance on Friday-Saturday, and the fleet reports of small quantities hard to catch. Of the week's quantity of 20.000 MT some 8.000 MT came from foreign trawlers landing their catch in Norway. The remaining 12.000 MT were divided between trawlers, coastal vessels, and purse seiners.  All catching last week was performed in the EU zone, east and south-east of Shetland. Some vessels have been operating west of the isles. They report of some foreign trawler also operating in this area, but inside the borderline giving no access to Nw vessels.  The size of the mackerel varies between 335g-435 g with an average of 395 g. Prices; from NOK 6,33 to 8,99 - average; NOK 7,98. Compared to the same week last year; 12.000 MT with a price of NOK 12,91 as an average.


Atlanto Scandic herring

Close to 17.000 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were reported last week. It is still catching going on in the Norwegian Sea where the highest quantities are taken. From this area, now north of 65°N some 100 n.m further north than where the first catches were taken, it was reported more than 14.000 MT. The size varies from 245 - 365 g with an average of 312 g. In the north the fishing has just started; 4 catches amounting to 2.100 MT are reported from the Spitzbergen zone from an area 100 n.m. SW of the Bjørnøya island. The average size of this herring; 361 g.

Herring fishery  is also carried out along the coast from Kristiandsund to Vesterålen in the north.  Average size/price on the coast; 220 g/NOK 4,92. The herring from the open sea has an average price of NOK 6,39, Average of the week; NOK 6,23


Ocean sprat

Five trawlers have been operating, some 1000 MT are registered and fishing has been performed in the EU zone; grid 4144. Some new vessels are now joining.


Coastal sprat

Following the fact the  producer "King Oscar" is prepared to buy a limited quantity of sprat mingled with smaller fish, some catches are taken in Hardanger. Three or four units have got catches in their area and totally it is caught 250 MT. In addition bigger sprat (42 pcs/kg) are taken in close to Sandnes and some medium size is taken in Stryn (75 pcs/kg)


Horse mackerel

15 vessels have been participating in the horse-mackerel fishery.  Until Sunday evening there are not reported any catches.


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