The course of the fisheries as per week 43

Published: by Ann-Kristin Kristoffersen

Two -  three days resulted in good catches of herring and mackerel.  Otherwise this week has been a quiet week, thanks to  the poor weather conditions.

Nearly 17.000 MT of herring has been caught this week, in the area 150 nautical miles northwest of the Lofotodden.  About 13.000 MT of the herring was caught in this area, while 2.300 MT was taken further north.

On the coastal line the poor weather has reduced the totalt weekly catch to only 850 MT.  One vessel from the Faroe Island has reported 600 MT.

This size has an average of 210 grams. And the pricelevel is average 6,85 NOK.

In the North Sea the activity has been low.


The mackerel fishery for the Norwegian fleet is coming to an end.  Only a few vessels still have remaining quotas.

This week the fish has been unavailable for Norwegian vessels.  This has resulted in only 9.800 MT, and foreign vessels has reported 6.250 MT of this quanta.

The average prize of the week in total is 7,47 NOK

The fishing for horsemackerel had no upswing this week.  The total report for the 38 catches is in total 1.300 MT.  In essence this is caught on Møre.  The average weekly prize is 7,03 NOK


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