The course of the Fisheries as per week 36/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Waiting start for the mackerel, some herring from the North Sea and still low activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring.

Following uncertainties in the markets, a number of purse seiners are waiting before starting the season. In addition low pressures have been queuing from west in the Norwegian Sea. Last week 7 vessels reported altogether 3.400 MT of mackerel.
The starting of the main fisheries has been in the same waters as has been seen over the two last seasons; west of Aktivneset, just some 100 n.m. west off Stadt.
The size of the mackerel is much the same as last year in early September, with a weight of 370-435 g, and a total average of 401 g. The size has improved throughout the week, and this development is further expected.
The prices, however, cannot be compared to what was seen last year. There are several factors making it different this year. The prices observed are from NOK 6,33 to 8,21, with a total average of NOK 7,43. Comparing these prices to what we saw one year ago, the prices are 68 % lower based on øre/gram.
From the processors it is reported of good quality and so far no problems with linked to feed content.
From vessels trolling at the West coast, weather has been hampering the activity last week and just 620 MT were reported. Of this year's quota of 11.104 MT, 7.650 MT are now caught.
Following the fall in prices, a number of purse seiners are, as mentioned, waiting before starting the season. Still it is expected that more vessels will set sail for the mackerel the forthcoming week.

North Sea Herring
As a consequence of the uncertainties for mackerel, several vessels headed for the North Sea herring. Totally 4.200 MT were caught last week. Of this quantity Scottish vessels contributed with 1.050 MT.
The catching has taken place far west in the EU zone, some 20 n.m. east of the Orkneys. The herring in this area is now about to spawn. - The size; 190-219 g.  All catches are sold for fileting purposes in Norway at prices between NOK 4,53 to 5,55. In the forthcoming week just a few vessels are expected to participate for the herring in the North Sea.

Atlanto Scandic herring
In Northern Norway some vessels penning-in Atlanto Scandic herring have been operating. In a total 430 MT are registered from these boats. The herring is caught in the area of Bodø and Gildeskål and the size is between 202-255 g. - Prices; from NOK 3,50 to 3,80.

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