The course of the Fisheries as per week 37/2012

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The mackerel fishing is well started, some North Sea herring and some Atlanto Scandic herring in northern Norway.

Last week the catching of mackerel had its start, and even if the weather was not the best, the quantity amounted to 13.200 MT. By the beginning of the week the fishing took place southwest of Aktivneset, a bit north of 62° N and 2° E. The fish caught had a size of 392 g as an average. Later in the week the fishing moved southeast of the Shetlands, and here the size improved; 405 g as an average.  Almost 4.000 MT were caught in this area. The main part of the vessels returned to the area just north of 62° N and now also better sized fish was found in this area; 420 g as an average. One Swedish vessel landed a catch from the Viking Bank, (grid # 2851). This fish was 420 g as an average. The average price of the week; NOK 7,52 - to be compared with one day last year in the same week, when 14.000 MT were registered. Average price in week 37/2011; NOK 13,09.

North Sea Herring
So far the North Sea herring fisheries have been dominated by foreign vessels delivering their catches in Norway. Last week also Norwegian vessels went for the North Sea herring and during the week only Norwegian vessels delivered their catch in Norway.  Even if the weather has not been the best, 1.700 MT were registered. The average size was 210 g. Of the six catches reported, three were taken south east of Fair Isle and two at the North East Bank, north east of Newcastle  - and one minor south east of Shetland. Average price; NOK 5 or just above.
Monday this week it was ascertained that the Norwegian North Sea herring  quota of 60.000 MT in the EU zone is nearly fulfilled. Fisherman's union is now approaching the authorities to possibly have this quota expanded.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Also further north the weather has been a hindrance to the fleet looking for Atlanto Scandic herring. Despite hampering weather, around twenty catches were taken last week amounting to 800 MT. It is in the area from Gildeskål to Bodø the catching took place and the herring has been both penned-in, sold for consumption purposes as well as delivered directly for meal&oil production.

Except for what is mention above, just small quantities of pelagic species have been registered, -  i.e. minor quantities of industrial species.

Six trawlers have set sail for the Ocean sprat in the North Sea, but so far no sprat has been observed. Also foreign vessels are now looking for the sprat.


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