The course of the Fisheries as per week 14/2013

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still activity for the blue whiting west of the Hebrides. In the North Sea the fishing is started for the Norway pout.

Blue whiting
The results from catching blue whiting have been modest -as we have experienced over the last weeks. The main reason is that relatively few vessels have been participating. Last week 11 vessels reported a total of 10.700 MT.
The catching has been conducted at well-known fields along the edge west off St. Kilda. The fishermen reported good observations from the area and the fishing has periodically been very good.
Of the week's quantity, the main part (8.000 MT) was sold for m&o purposes in Norway and Denmark. The prices have been between NOK 1,96 and 2,14. The remaining quantity (2.700 MT) was sold for consumption purposes in Killybegs and Peterhead. Prices; NOK 2 -2,12.
In the forth coming week the estimated same number of vessels will participate.

Norway pout
This fishing was opened on 1st of April and some expectations are linked to the availability of pout. Some vessels have been along the edge between 59° to 60°N and 640 MT were reported from 3 vessels.
The results are regarded as satisfying this early in the season. The catches are sold for m&o purposes at approx. NOK 2. Also for the pout the activity is expected to be much the same in the forth coming week.


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