Minimum price on North Sea Herring suspended

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

The result of the pricesetting meeting in Trondheim today, august 14, between Norges Sildesalgslag and FHL resulted in a suspension of the minumum price regime for North Sea Herring for consumption purposes. A new meeting is scheduled for Sep 20th.

For mackerel, the current minimum price regime is being continued.

The two parties agree that the quality of the North Sea Herring in the period from now until mid-Septembes do not qualify for a marketprice that gives Norwegian fishermen enough profit and the minimum price is therefore suspended.

The two parties expect an improved market when the quality of the fish gets better later in the fall.

The two parties will jointly follow pricedevelopment during the suspension period

Around 42 500 tonnes of the Norwegian quota of 145 000 tonnes remains. During this week last year almost 55 000 was left of a smaller 2012 quota of 122 530 tonnes.  The average price for North Sea Herring for consumption this year is NOK 4,44.

In the suspension period factories producing fish oil and fish meal will be able to bid in the consumption auctions. The minimum price for herring for oil/meal is not affected.



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